We moderate, design and seamlessly execute qualitative research studies, using a variety of traditional and innovative methods.




Our focus groups and in-depth interviews are designed to create personal connection, which enables deeper insights. 



We use ethnography, shop-a-longs, intercepts and passive video to bring unconscious behaviors to life.



Blogging and mobile ethnography enable us to enter people's worlds, and understand their lives at a deeper level.

We believe great insights come from forging connections with people, backed up by smart project design.



The deepest insights often come from combining approaches. We build custom designs to meet the specific research objectives. 


By using researchers with empathy and curiosity, we create human connections to reveal the underlying reasons behind behaviors.


Research is only valuable if it leads to action. We pride ourselves on focusing on the implications for your brand.              

Project Management

Qualitative research can be messy. With a reputation for seamless execution, we can manage projects for you, so you don't have to worry. 


We have experience of unlocking insights across a broad range of categories, including fashion, retail, health & beauty, food, home, automotive and entertainment.