Using empathy and curiosity, we seek to connect with the person behind the consumer, to understand more deeply where your brand fits within their lives.

We use a variety of methods, dependent on the research objectives.


Focus Groups

Our focus groups are designed to be deeply immersive, to encourage participants to open up and surface the meanings behind their words. Often in non-traditional environments, we use a variety of interactive exercises to create a meaningful and insightful conversation.

In-depth Interviews

Our robust one-on-one, friendship pair or family interviews create a personal connection, enabling us to gain a richer understanding of the attitudes, perceptions, motivations and emotions underlying behaviors. 


Whether pre-recruited or intercepted, discreet in-store observation allows us to understand how and why people shop the way they do.


Ethnography gives us a holistic view of peoples lives, and how brands fit in. It often reveals what they can’t always explain, and is powerful in bringing personas to life.

Clothing Fit Tests

For in-the-moment product fit and performance testing, we use cool and relevant locations (e.g., Yoga Studio if testing Yoga clothing) to create an informal environment that enables deep and accurate feedback.

Storytelling Pop-Ups

Our unique approach to storytelling sets up fun and creative pop-up shops to encourage people to share their stories and physically bring their brand perceptions to life.

Mobile ethnographies

Powered by a smartphone app, mobile ethnography allows us to be there with people in the moment, providing a rich understanding of the context for the brand in their lives.  


Our blogging studies enable an extended conversation with people over a predetermined length of time. Creating a safe and unmediated environment, they surface raw and intimate insights.

Online Review Generator

Test your product with our targeted database of high quality participants to get authentic, first-hand feedback, and generate online product reviews to spread the word.


We manage some or all elements of a research project, according to your needs.



Successful research needs a smart design, as the deepest insights often come from hybrid approaches and methodologies. We custom design each project to fulfill your research objectives, drawing where necessary from our network of partners.


The researcher is critical to the quality of the insights uncovered. We major on empathy and curiosity, which allows us to connect with the human behind the "consumer". Using a variety of creative exercises and methods, we surface the motivations underlying their behavior.


We only consider a research project a success if it leads to action. We pride ourselves on surfacing the implications for your brand, and can help you tell the story in an engaging way.

Project Management

With many moving parts, qualitative research projects are resource intensive to manage. We have built a reputation for seamless execution and quality recruitment, and can handle the logistics for you.